ReSpeller Pro

ReSpeller Pro is a powerful spell checker for JetBrains ReSharper. ReSpeller Pro is based on the NHunspell spell checking engine ( and is compatible with OpenOffice 2.x spelling dictionaries (

ReSpeller Pro overview


Programming languages

  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • JavaScript [Pro edition]
  • TypeScript [Pro edition]

Markup languages

  • HTML [Pro edition]
  • XML
  • XAML
  • RESX

Mixed-language files

  • Razor(CSHTML) [Pro edition]
  • ASPX [Pro edition]
  • ASHX [Pro edition]

Source code elements

  • Identifiers
  • String literals
  • Comments
  • Doc comments (XmlDoc and JsDoc)

Multilingual support [Pro edition]

  • You can add any language dictionary that you need (see manual)
  • Each language has its own user dictionary, so you may choose a language which you want a new word to be added toMultilingual support

Native ReSharper suggestions and refactorings

In contrast to other spell checkers ReSpeller uses native ReSharper suggestions and refactorings instead of context menu-like suggestions:

Local typoNon-local typo

So when you fix a typo in identifier you will get all benefits of ReSharper rename refactoring like renaming of dependent symbols, string literals etc.

Checking behavior

  • ReSpeller considers ReSharper naming rules like identifier suffixes and prefixes and doesn’t perform checking of them.
  • ReSpeller takes into account all of your abbreviations saved in R# settings
  • You can set a minimum length of the word to be checked in settings, so very small words won’t be highlighted as misspelled
  • If ReSpeller sees an incorrect word it tries to split it into all kinds of word pairs and checks each word in the pair separately. So words like “registrykey” or “wildhoney” will be accepted as correct despite the whole words being absent from the dictionary. This is also customizable option.

Typo highlightings in the ReSharper rename dialog [Pro edition]

When you try to fix a typo using ReSharper rename dialog ReSpeller will highlight misspelled parts of your identifier (can be disabled)

Rename dialog highligtings

ReSpeller Inspections

Inspecting typos in whole solution
You can open ReSharper→Inspect→Code Issues in Solution to review all typos in your projects:ReSpeller inspections

Configurable severity of typo inspections
You can also configure severity for different typo inspections in ReSharper Options→Inspection Severity page:

ReSpeller inspections settings

User dictionaries can be easily shared with your team

ReSpeller uses ReSharper powerful settings layer system, so you can share your user dictionaries (or a part of them) by saving the word into Team Shared layer

Team shared dictionaries

or by direct editing your dictionaries

User dictionaries editing

Adding a word is undoable

If you accidentally added an unnecessary word to a dictionary just press Ctrl-Z to undo it

Undo word addind