Dictionary installation

ReSpeller uses NHunspell spelling engine that works with OpenOffice 2.x dictionaries. Each of such dictionaries is a pair of text files – .dic and .aff.

To install a new dictionary into ReSpeller you need to do following:

  1. Download a dictionary for your language from the OpenOffice site. Ensure that the archive contains both .dic and .aff files. These files must have the same name in the xx_xx format(i.e. de_DE.dic and de_DE.aff)
  2. Open ReSpeller settings (ReSharper->Options->ReSpeller). Here you can locate the directories where ReSpeller searches and stores its dictionaries.2015-11-27 03-19-28 Options (2)
  3. Open the second directory called Dictionaries path by clicking the button with dots and copy dictionary files (.dic and .aff) there.2015-11-27 03-23-05 MainDict
  4. Restart Visual Studio and ensure that the new dictionary was installed successfully: open ReSpeller settings again, the new dictionary should appear in the User dictionaries section

2015-11-27 03-23-59 Options